We've had great fun collaborating with our good friend and 'artist in residence' David Chandler over the last few months as he has been working on the illustrations for our bi-monthly seasonal offers.


Adventures in Wine - Podcast 10


Being both creative and technically adroit David couldn't resist cajoling me into participating in some conversations about wine ('adventures' in his parlance) that can now be downloaded as Podcasts from the iTunes store.

"In David and Jason's latest vinously-centric podcast, Jason makes a case for the viola of the wine world, rosé wine... well, just under half a case, actually, with five sumptuous rosés across the full spectrum of pinks from 'ballet pump' to 'terracotta.' First off is Yapp's own label rosé from the Ardèche, a mid-weight, low-budget, easy access offering under even easier screw cap. Next, a barely rosé 2017 Reuilly, as delightful as it is hard to pronounce; nutty, rosehipped and traditionally drunk with oysters. Third up, is a big favourite of David's, a proper pink, limpid-robed Menetou Salon, that he recently had the audacity to pair with a lightly-spiced Thai curry. Fourth, is from one of Jason's favourite estates in Corsica. Made from a blend of vermentino, sciacarello and neilluccio grapes, this coral pink rosé from Domaine Saparale is loaded with wild herbs, which after just one sip, Jason claims is crying out for fleshy fish and crustacea. Last of all, a truly magisterial wine from France's only exclusively rosé appellation: Tavel. This full-throttle, oenologically abundant wine is blended from no less than seven grapes and has Jason edging towards grilled red meat, whilst David edges towards the remainder of the bottle. Cheers!"